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Microsoft Flexible Virtualization Benefit

The Flexible Virtualization Benefit Microsoft updated its licensing policies in October 2022 to introduce new options for outsourcing software management for customers with subscription licenses or licenses with active Software Assurance. These new options are enabled under the Flexible Virtualization Benefit. The Flexible Virtualization Benefit expands current rights to deploy software on Authorized Outsourcers’ servers that are dedicated to a […]

Windows Server 2022 Licensing Guide – October 2022

Windows Server 2022 Licensing Guide Edition overview and comparison The Windows Server 2022 product is streamlined and simple, making it easy for customers to choose theedition that is right for their needs. Choose from three primary editions of Windows Server, based on organization size as well as virtualization and datacenter requirements:Datacenter edition is ideal for highly virtualized and software-defined datacenter […]

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub – Licensing Guide April 2021

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub Licensing – How Azure Stack Hub is sold Azure Stack Hub is sold as an integrated system, meaning that software comes installed on prescribed hardware. A complete Azure Stack Hub system is comprised of hardware, software, and support. (Note: service providers who want to provide Azure Stack Hub services to end customers will need to procure […]

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare 2021

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Add-On $95*USD per user, per month (prerequisites require separate licensing) Each capability enabled by the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Add-On has specific prerequisites as outlined in the table below.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit-November 2021

Steps to buy Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit 4. Access Grants and Purchase Prerequisite LicensesTo see the price of each license prerequisite, visit the Nonprofit Hub, or talk to your Microsoft Partner or account team. To see grants available that map to the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit solutions, see this guide.5. Purchase the Add-on LicenseA quantity of “1” license gives access […]

Microsoft Per Core Licensing-April 2017

Microsoft Per Core Licensing – Definitions Assigning a license: Assigning a license means that you designate that license for one device or user. This designation avoids sharing a license across more than one device or user simultaneously. For example, after you have assigned a software license to a server, you are permitted to run the software on that server. You […]