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Microsoft Open Programs Licensing Guide_July 2021

Open programs benefits The Open program agreements offer many benefits, including:Licensing simplicity. Place an order and start using licensed products immediately. The flexible pay-as-you-go model helps eliminate the need for forecasting. After you place your order in Open License, you receive a single authorization identification number that you can reuse and share with qualified affiliates. Good for the entire two-year […]

Microsoft Commercial Licensing Guide_2017

Commercial Licensing Guide – Introduction Acquiring software licenses through Microsoft Commercial Licensing is different than acquiring retail boxed software licenses. A retail software license is usually sold in a box and contains media (CD-ROM or DVD format), a user’s guide,access to product support, and Microsoft Software License Terms. The Software License Terms dictate how the software can and cannot be […]

SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites

SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites Licensing: The Basics How to Choose Licenses: SharePoint Server, SharePoint Server for Internet Sites SharePoint products allow users to create a centralized portal to store documents, and facilitate collaboration and web publishing. There are two licensing models for SharePoint servers, and the distinction between them is driven by who has access to the content, […]

Licensing Microsoft SharePoint Server_April 2017

SharePoint Server – Details Simplifying licensingSharePoint Server simplifies SharePoint access and use. This is because SharePoint Server collapses internal and external use under a single licensing offering/model. Customers no longer need to look to SharePoint for Internet Sites to license anonymous access. Addi tionally, SharePoint Server integrates functionality that was previously available separately under FAST Search Server for SharePoint. Concepts […]

Microsoft server Base and Additive Client Access Licenses (CALs) overview_October 2020

Base and Additive CALs – Details Software dependency license requirementsThere are two practical components when licensing access to Microsoft server products: access to the WindowsServer operating system itself, and access to the Microsoft application that works within the Windows Server environment. Customers must license access to each layer of the stack. Common examples of this include use ofExchange Server and […]

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 – Details Concepts that Provide a Framework for SharePoint Server LicensingInternal Users: Users who are the licensee’s or its affiliates’ employees and on-site agents and contractors.External Users: Users who are not the licensee’s or its affiliates’ employees or on-site agents or contractors.Intranet: Website hosting content, information, or software that is accessible inside the firewall to internal users […]