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Azure and Modern Licensing-2017

Azure Modern Licensing Story – Enabling how customers want to buy

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Modern Licensing will enhance and create synergies across three ways customers want to do business with us – through value – added partners , Microsoft -assisted offerings , and self – service web options.

Built on a modern commercial platform

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Empowering Partners to achieve more

With CSP , patrners can build a business by providing value – added assistance and IP to help customers consume and create the digital technology they need to ransforms.

We will ultimately transition all our customers to the modern comercial platform. In the meantime , we will continue to adjust existing licensing vehicles to shift how offers, products, and services are made available to align with a future move to modern licensing.

Microsoft Azure in Comercial Licensing


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Consumption models

There are two main ways to consume:

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Azure Services

Payment options*
1.Pay As You Go
•Payment made in arrears
•Payment made monthly or quarterly*
2.Monetary Commitment
•Payment made upfront

Services are billed as:
1.Metered usage products
•Pay for the exact resources consumed (e.g. GB of storage, hours running a virtual)

2. Monthly entitlement products metered by unit or user
• Pay for a month’s access to a service based on:
o Per Unit (e.g. Site Recovery)
o Per User

*Option based on the customer’s program

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Services account structure

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Benefit of Plans
•Some products are more easily consumed as a plan
•Plans can offer deeper value when licensed annually
•Targeted at specific solutions (e.g. Protection and Disaster Recovery Plan)

What you need to know
• Plan overages are billed as Pay As You Go
• Monetary Commitment can’t be applied to Azure Plans or Suites

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Consumption models : Azure Plans

Azure and Modern Licensing_8

MPSA Updates

Overview and timeline

Azure and Modern Licensing_9

Limited availability within MPSA

Azure and Modern Licensing_10
Azure and Modern Licensing_11

Recommended sales guidance

Azure and Modern Licensing_12

Availability by program on February 1 st 2017

Azure and Modern Licensing_13

Removal of Azure in MPSA next steps

Azure and Modern Licensing_14

Azure Services in CSP

CSP enables you to offer end to end Managed Services

How you benefit from Azure as a CSP

Pay-As-You-Go within CSP

• Billed monthly in arrears
• Internal partner use not allowed
• Management through Azure Management Portal (http://portal.azure.com/)

Buying Services: Pay As You Go within CSP

Key takeaways:
• Pay As You Go within CSP is invoiced monthly in arrears based on the customer’s usage across services
• Usage will vary between months

The line graphs (blue, red, and green) shows their Azure Services usage over the year.

The bar graph shows Contoso’s aggregate spend for each month based on the services the company consumed.

Contoso is invoiced for their monthly spend at the end of the month (in arrears). This is shown on the graph by the green dollar sign.

Services in Enterprise Agreement

Monetary Commitment within Enterprise Agreement

• Upfront payment valid until enrollment anniversary (maximum of 12 months)
• Azure only Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) requires a minimum of 10 monetary commitment units per month
• Can’t be used on Azure Plans, Support, Store, or other Enterprise Agreement products/services
• Indirect EA pricing comes from the partner
• Azure Management through Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal http://ea.azure.com/ com/)

Additional usage beyond Monetary Commitment

Direct Enterprise Agreement

• Pay at the end of the year for unplanned growth
• If a customer goes 150% beyond their commitment, the full additional usage starts to bill at the end of each quarter.

Indirect Enterprise Agreement

• All additional usage is billed quarterly

Monetary Commitment

Monetary Commitment

Monetary Commitment

Monetary Commitment

For more informations download the document:

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