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Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions & Enterprise Agreement Program Guide

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions – Structured payment solutions for each licensing scenario

Licensing discussions open new opportunities to adopt more cost-effective terms for your software purchases. Microsoft Payment Solutions help you structure your payments to better meet your business and financial goals.

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions

If you are considering a new Enterprise Agreement or renewing an existing Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Payment Solutions allow you to:

▩ Spread payments to free cash flow or conserve capital Align payments with budgets/fiscal years
▩ Map payments to benefits to improve ROI
▩ Pay for unplanned license purchases

Enterprise Agreement: New EA and Renewal

Microsoft Payment Solutions are an ideal way to pay for Enterprise Agreements:

▩ Structure payments to align with budgets and maximize cash flow
▩ Convenience – execute as a simple amendment to your Enterprise Agreement
▩ Financial flexibility – conserve capital and improve balance sheet

True-Up and Add-on
Additional licenses, new products, and services can easily be added on to existing payment agreements:

Pay for un-budgeted seat growth and new products Disconnect project launches from budget cycles

Add consulting services to your payment agreement:

Combine software and services into a single payment Map payments to deployment and benefits

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions_1

Below you can see several examples of how payment solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. These solutions are available to credit-approved o rganizations.

Monthly payment option
This example illustrates how you can use Microsoft Payment Solutions to spread the cost of your IT investments with equal, predictable payments over three years, versus making a substantial up-front investment—helping to align IT benefits with costs.

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions_2

Ramped payment option
In some cases, an you may prefer to closely match the expense of an IT investment with the benefits realized. In this example, a company that plans a staged deployment of their EA enrollments only pays for the amount planned for each year.

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions_4

Deferred payment option
With Microsoft Payment Solutions, you may defer payments for up to six months, allowing you to begin deploying and benefiting from their IT investments immediately, while paying when budget becomes available.

Enterprise Agreement Payment Solutions_3

Custom payment option
Customized payments help you align your technology spend with the available budget, cash flow, or deployment schedule for your organization. Our Payment Solution Specialists work closely with you to understand your technology-related business needs, and provide payment solutions to match.

Add products and service
Once you establish a Payment Solutions option with Microsoft, you can include new software purchases, true-ups, or additional services in the agreement through a convenient process, subject to credit approval.

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