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Microsoft Online Services Datasheet-2012

Microsoft Online Services

Cloud computing provides the power to connect, enliven, and simplify our daily lives. For organizations, cloud computing makes it possible to lower costs and increase efficiencies. It also creates opportunities to do new things in new ways, like entering new markets, forming new business models, and creating new customer experiences. The cloud provides individuals with the power to organize daily life and collaborate more effectively by enabling anytime access to data on any device.
Microsoft approaches the cloud with a singular vision for improving organizational productivity. This approach gives organizations the flexibility and control to choose the best way to take advantage of the power of the cloud while building off existing IT systems and investments. The cloud can be additive to the applications, platform, and infrastructure your organization has in place today, and can help build off of your existing strengths.
Microsoft Online Services is enterprise-class software delivered as subscription services. Online Services complement your existing Microsoft on-premises solutions for users with desktop PCs and for users accessing applications via a web browser. By choosing Microsoft Online Services you can combine the power of robust desktop-based applications with the flexibility of fully-hosted Internet services, providing an integrated experience with a consistent look and feel from virtually any device, in almost any location.

Microsoft Online Services Benefits

Microsoft Online Services give you the flexibility to determine how and where you deploy and manage your IT infrastructure and line-of-business (LOB) applications. Whether you need on-premise software, hosted in-the-cloud software, or even a hybrid solution, you can do the following:

Combine on-premises and Microsoft hosted services
Microsoft and its partners offer software and services that customers can deploy for a broad range of scenarios.

Ensure that you have the most current Microsoft licensed product versions
Receive the latest features and functionality automatically without having to purchase new software licenses.

Ease migration
By using Microsoft Online Services, you can migrate from a different platform and transition your users without the high up-front hardware costs.

Deploy solutions rapidly
Whether you are responding to changing market conditions or updating your IT infrastructure, Microsoft can help you get your infrastructure up and running quickly.

Lower your up-front investment
Since Microsoft manages the IT infrastructure, it can help you save money on hardware and software expenses so that you can reallocate budget to other business-critical projects.

Get secure and reliable access
Microsoft has invested in a global network of data centers that give you around-the-clock and security-enhanced access to all of your business-critical collaboration services.

Microsoft Online Services are available as stand-alone services and are offered through traditional Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. Customers with more transactional needs can employ the agility and flexibility of the Microsoft Online Subscription Program.

Microsoft Online Services Offerings

Microsoft Online Services_1
Microsoft Online Services_2

Microsoft Online Services Product Description

Productivity Suite

Microsoft Office 365
Access email, documents, contacts and calendars on nearly any device, and work seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of its most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of its desktop software and companion Web Apps.

Stand Alone Services

Microsoft Exchange Online
Provide employees access to their email, calendar, and contacts from anywhere, using any Internet capable device. Users can rapidly deploy, flexibly expand, and design Exchange Online to be securely administered using a powerful yet simple remote Web-based console.

Microsoft SharePoint Online
Based on the familiar SharePoint collaboration platform, SharePoint Online provides a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, share knowledge, and find organizational resources and information.

Microsoft Lync Online
Connect to people in new ways from anywhere by using presence, instant messaging, PC-to-PC calling, and rich online meetings with audio, video, and web conferencing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Find, keep, and grow customer relationships. Quickly centralize customer information and streamline business processes with a system that quickly adapts to your unique business needs.

Windows Azure Platform
Build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities. The Windows Azure Platform is an Internet-scale cloud services platform, hosted in Microsoft data centers, and provides an operating system and a set of developer services that customers can use individually or together.

Windows Intune
Simplify how your business manages and secures your PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—so your computers and users can operate at peak performance, from virtually anywhere. Windows Intune is a comprehensive solution that includes PC management, malware protection, Windows upgrades, and more.

Purchase Options

Microsoft Online Services are available as stand-alone services and are offered through traditional Microsoft Volume Licensing. Customers with an Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement can add services through their existing agreement for simplicity and valuable cost savings.
Transactional customers can benefit from the agility and flexibility of a subscription service through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP).
Microsoft offers the following two easy options to add its Online Services.

Option one:

Add Online Services through Microsoft Volume Licensing

Organizations with an existing Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA), or Campus and School Agreement (CASA) can add services through their existing agreement for simplicity and valuable cost savings. Contact your Microsoft account manager or local reseller for more details.

Option two:

Microsoft Online Subscription Program

The Microsoft Online Subscription Program is ideal for any organization with one or more desktop PCs. Subscribe to only the software you need and receive guaranteed pricing for a 12-month term. To subscribe, please visit.
More than 9,000 Microsoft valued channel partners can assist you with ordering, providing a quote, or offering additional services. Visit www.microsoft.com/online/partner.aspx to find a partner in your area.

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