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Open Programs Licensing options for small and midsize organizations_February & July 2021

Open Programs Licensing options for small and midsize organizations – Beneffits

Take advantage of the benefits that Open agreements offer:

Licensing simplicity
You can place an order and start using licensed products and online services immediately. The flexible pay-as-you-go model helps eliminate the need for forecasting. After you place your order through Open License, you receive an authorization identification number that you can reuse and share with qualified affiliates. Good for the entire two-year agreement, this identification number helps reduce procurement costs and simplifies the purchasing process.

Licensing flexibility
Open Value gives you a single platform option that allows you to choose components from the Windows client, Microsoft Office, and Client Access Licenses (CALs) under a single platform, rather than being required to choose between the Small Business or Desktop Professional platforms.
If your organization requires Microsoft’s Enterprise Solutions, Microsoft Office Pro Plus, Enterprise CAL, Office 365 E Plans and Windows E3 are now available for Open Value and Open Value Subscription.

Licensing manageability
Online tracking tools make managing licenses easy and convenient. With the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), you can electronically manage your license orders, review purchase history, find the appropriate product keys for software product installation, track compliance, and receive order confirmations.

Open programs licensing options at a glance

Compare the Open Value, Open Value Subscription, and Open License programs

Open Programs Licensing for small and midsize organizations_1


With an initial purchase of five or more licenses or five qualified desktops, you can acquire licenses and cloud services as you need them over the term of your agreement.

Open Programs Licensing for small and midsize organizations_2


  1. Industry-specific offer availability varies depending on the program and geography. Please contact your reseller for more detail.
  2. Open License is being discontinued in January 2022. Orders will be accepted through Open License until December 31, 2021.
  3. Open Value for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations will be available in July 2021.
  4. Education institutions can license through the Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions program.

Open programs licensing How to buy

To buy or renew Microsoft software licenses and online services through Microsoft Volume Licensing, contact a Microsoft reseller.
To get started we recommend following these steps:

  1. Audit your current technology, and forecast your future technology needs
    Assess how you are currently using Microsoft software and online services in all aspects of your organization. Look ahead 2-3 years and develop a rough projection of what you think your technology needs might be. Take into account your network, connectivity, mobility, and overall functionality.
  2. Contact a Microsoft solution provider partner
    A Microsoft solution provider will review your current technology and your two- to three-year technology projection and recommend the Microsoft Volume Licensing option and product and cloud services mix that best fits your organization’s needs. To find a Microsoft reseller near you, call (800) 426-9400 in the United States or (877) 568-2495 in Canada. Outside the United States or Canada, please visit www.microsoft.com/solution-providers/search.
  3. Submit your order
    Once your technology needs have been established and you and your partner have selected the Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement for your organization, your reseller will submit an order for the Microsoft software and cloud services you have identified.
    Note: Open Value customers will be asked to sign the agreement prior to the order being submitted to Microsoft.
  4. Receive your order confirmation
    Microsoft will confirm the receipt of your order and issue a Microsoft Volume Licensing authorization or agreement number. Open License customers receive an authorization number. Open Value customers receive an agreement number. Authorization/Agreement numbers are assigned to new orders and can be used on additional orders to receive the same price level as the original order. This number is also used to activate and manage your licenses.
  5. Activate licensed software and manage your licenses
    The activation process is different depending on which licensing program you’re buying through. All customers get an email invitation to log onto the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) website to access their agreement and purchase history information, download purchased products, and access product keys to activate licensed software.
    Note: Open License customers will be asked to sign an electronic version of their Agreement on the VLSC prior to downloading their licensed product(s).

Predictable and affordable financing from Microsoft

Reducing costs is on the mind of every business leader, but it is also important to maintain growth and sustain your business. Now your organization can do both. Microsoft Financing offers credit approved customers competitive interest rates that are fixed and terms that range from two to five years. Payments are customized to meet your needs with options such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual structures, as well as deferral, ramped or skipped payments available.
Find out more about Microsoft Financing and if it’s available in your region.

Volume Licensing Service Center

The Volume Licensing Service Center is an online tool that makes it easy for you to view your Licensing information, download Microsoft software, and manage your subscriptions and Software Assurance benefits. With the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, you can:

  1. Quickly access your licensing information in one location
  2. Learn what’s new with easy updates from the information center
  3. View all agreements or purchases by your organization
  4. Receive a licensing summary that illustrates all entitlements by product and version
  5. Open License customers may obtain proof of license
  6. View all assigned product keys and download products faster
  7. View Software Assurance benefit allocations

Download the document February 2021:

Download the documente July 2021

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