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Windows 10 qualifying operating system requirements-October 2020

Qualifying operating system requirements – Summary

This licensing brief explains the qualifying operating system license requirements for Windows 10 upgrade licenses when purchased through Commercial Licensing programs. Windows 10 upgrade licenses available through Commercial Licensing programs include,
Windows 10 Pro
• Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
• Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5/per device
• Windows 10 Education A3/A5/E3/E5
• Windows VDA per device
• Windows VDA E3/E5

Windows 10 Qualifying Operating Systems for Windows local use

Windows 10 licenses acquired through a Microsoft Commercial Licensing program are upgrade licenses. You cannot acquire full Windows operating system licenses for desktop PCs through Microsoft Commercial Licensing programs.
Customers must first have licensed and installed a Qualifying Operating System on a device before the device is eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade license. Full Windows operating system licenses can be acquired for desktop PCs
preinstalled on a new PC by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Full Packaged Product (FPP – retail) licenses may also be assigned and installed on a desktop PC device as a qualifying license.
Windows 10 upgrade licenses acquired through a Commercial Licensing agreement may only be installed or activated on devices licensed to run one of the Qualifying Operating Systems below:

Qualifying operating systems for Per User Licenses and Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Per Device/User licenses

Qualifying operating system for Windows 10_1

Qualifying operating systems for Per Device Licenses (Excluding Virtual Desktop Access licenses)

Qualifying operating system for Windows 10_2
Qualifying operating system for Windows 10_3
Qualifying operating system for Windows 10_4

Qualifying operating systems when virtualizing Windows

When licensed solely for remote virtualization, Windows VDA licenses do not require that users have a device with a Qualifying Operating Systems. Windows VDA licenses do, however, require a Qualifying Operating System when used to run Windows locally, including local virtualization. All other Windows 10 licenses obtained through Commercial Licensing programs still require Qualifying Operating Systems for remote virtualization scenarios.
For additional details about virtualizing Windows 10, please see the licensing brief, Windows 10 licensing for Virtual Desktops.

For more informations download the document:

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