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Windows Server 2019 Licensing Datasheet

Windows Server 2019 – Overview

Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure services, enabling hybrid scenarios that maximize existing investments. Increase security and reduce business risk with multiple layers of protection built into the operating system. Evolve your datacenter infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and scale with Hyper-converged Infrastructure. Enable developers and IT pros to create cloud native applications and modernize their traditional apps using containers and micro-services.

Windows Server 2019 overview

Windows Server 2019 editions

The right edition for your organization size, datacenter, and virtualization requirements.

Windows Server 2019 editions

Datacenter and Standard edition per-core licensing

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Standard editions are licensed by physical core. Licenses are sold in 2-packs and 16-packs.
Minimum license requirements
• All physical cores must be licensed
• 8 core licenses per processor
• 16 core licenses per server

Per-core licensing scenarios

Windows Server 2019 per core licensing

Standard edition license stacking for OSEs

Standard edition is licensed for 2 operating system environments (OSEs)* or Hyper-V containers. Additional OSEs require additional licenses.

Azure Hybrid Benefit

Customers with Software Assurance save significantly on Azure over the cost of running Windows Server in other public clouds:
What is Azure Hybrid Benefit?
A Software Assurance benefit that enables you to migrate to cloud at big savings. Save up to 49% on Windows Server virtual machines (VMs) by paying base compute** rates.
How do I qualify?
You qualify if you have active Software Assurance on your on-premises Windows Server licenses***.

* Datacenter is licensed for unlimited OSEs.
** Base compute equals Linux rates.
*** Each Windows Server 2-processor license OR each 16-core license set is entitled to two Azure instances with up to 8 cores each, or one instance up to 16 cores. Benefit applies both to Standard and Datacenter editions. No program restrictions, i.e. benefit available irrespective of where customer buys their Azure: EA, CSP, Web direct, etc.

How do I activate this benefit?
• Deploy a new VM in minutes using Azure Marketplace images.****
• Upload a custom VM.
• Migrate free***** with Azure Site Recovery.
Is it applicable for all VMs?
Use with Azure marketplace images, on-premises images, and workloads from other cloud providers.

**** Pre-built gallery images are available only for Enterprise Agreement customers.
***** Free for first 31 days.

Semi-Annual Channel benefit

Receive the latest features as they become available when you have Software Assurance.

Windows Server 2019 semi-annual chanel benefit

Service Providers (Hosters)

Q: Does the price of Windows Server vary based on Service Providers (hosters)?
A: In order to provide customers with a variety of options to license Windows Server, Microsoft makes licenses for Windows Server available to Service Providers for sale to customers as part of Service Provider solutions. This is done through agreement between Microsoft and Service Providers. Pricing for these Windows Server licenses that are provided by the Service Provider is set by the Service Provider.

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