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Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

Services Provider License Agreement: With the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), your organization can license Microsoft products and use these licensed products to provide software services and hosted applications to your customers.With SPLA, you are the licensee, not the customer. Software services are services that you provide to your customers that make Microsoft products available and that display, run, access, […]

Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) Program Guide

Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) is an enrollment under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that allows highlycommitted customers to standardize broadly on one or more of the four server and cloud technologies from Microsoft. In exchange for making an installed base-wide commitment to an SCE component, you receive a range of benefits, including new cloud-optimized […]

Select Plus Licensing Guide

Select Plus has been retired New Select Plus commercial agreements are no longer available. Customers with Select Plus agreements that have not been retired can continue to purchase through the agreement until further notice. If you have a commercial Select Plus agreement and want to begin purchasing through a different agreement such as the Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Products and Services […]

Microsoft Online Services Licensing Guide_December 2012

What are Microsoft Online Services? Microsoft Online Services are subscription-based services that can help you incorporate cloud-based computing into your business.Delivered via a subscription and offered over the Web, Online Services complement your existing Microsoft on-premise solutions for users with rich desktop PCs and for users accessing applications via a Web browser. ☙ Subscription terms vary by offer, ranging from […]

Microsoft Online Subscription Program – Access the benefits of Microsoft Online Services_2012

Online Subscription Program Online Microsoft Online Services is enterprise-class software delivered as subscription services. Online Services complement your existing Microsoft on-premises solutions for users with desktop PCs and for users accessing applications via a web browser. By choosing Microsoft Online Services you can combine the power of robust desktop-based applications with the flexibility of fully-hosted Internet services, providing an integrated […]

Select Plus for Government Licensing Guide

Select Plus for Government overview and benefits When it comes to licensing software and getting the most value from software investments, customers have asked for a Microsoft volume licensing solution that offers more flexibility, better asset management, and a way to balance growing technology needs with predictable costs. Select Plus for Government is for midsize and large government customers that […]