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Microsoft server Base and Additive Client Access Licenses (CALs) overview_October 2020

Base and Additive CALs – Details Software dependency license requirementsThere are two practical components when licensing access to Microsoft server products: access to the WindowsServer operating system itself, and access to the Microsoft application that works within the Windows Server environment. Customers must license access to each layer of the stack. Common examples of this include use ofExchange Server and […]

Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite overview_November 2020

Core CAL Suite What is a CAL Suite? A CAL Suite is a single license that provides access rights to multiple Microsoft software and services included. CAL Suite licenses do not provide multiple individual licenses, for the included Microsoft software and services that a customer can separate and assign to multiple devices or users. Like other CALs, CAL Suites can […]

Introduction to Microsoft Core licensing models_October 2020

Microsoft Core licensing models Definitions Assigning a license: Assigning a license means that you designate that license for one device or user. This designation avoids sharing a license across more than one device or user simultaneously. For example, after you have assigned a software license to a server, you are permitted to run the software on that server. You can […]