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Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

The Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is an easy, cost-effective licensing offer that provides academic institutions with assured coverage for Education Platform Products with one annual user count, the flexibility to add products in any quantity, and access to productivity tools and student benefits—all under a single, subscription agreement.

Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) – Overview and benefits

Broader access: Access the full suite of products and services that can help you expand your effectiveness in educating students and supporting faculty and staff.
Direct technology spending: By counting only the users (known as “Education Qualified Users”) that need full access to the products, you accurately license faculty, staff, and volunteers for the full suite of Microsoft cloud services and products they need.
Coverage for light users: Free1 access to Office 365 A1, plus the ability to subscribe to additional Microsoft cloud services or on-premises products as needed gives you the flexibility to give your Education Qualified Users and light users just the products they need rather than covering with the entire suite of Enterprise Platform Products.
Productivity tools and benefits: Push the boundaries of the classroom with tools that help students and faculty interact and innovate with each other and those beyond the classroom environment.
Easy compliance: Enterprise Platform Products are licensed per user, making it easy to account for your Education Qualified Users and ensure they get the coverage they need. Through the simplicity and predictability of counting users just once per year,and the ability to increase or reduce your count at the agreement’s anniversary, you can be confident you’re fully covered for the Education Platform Products you select regardless of yearly fluctuations in staff or students.
Customized solutions: Easily add licenses for Additional Products organization-wide,department-wide, or for individual licenses at any time during your subscription termso you can deliver the right mix of technology and services to your faculty, staff, and students.
Low administration: Subscription and per user licensing eliminates the need to track licenses for the selected Education Platform Products on every device, which helps your IT staff to be more productive because they no longer have to track multiple licenses across the organization.
Student use benefit: When you license certain products organization-wide, you qualify for corresponding subscription licenses for a number of your students at no additional cost. The student use benefits are explained in the Product Terms.

 Enrollment for Education Solutions - Overview and benefits

Acquiring EES coverage

Customers with a minimum of 1,000 Education Qualified Users can acquire licenses by signing the Campus and School Agreement and the Enrollment for Education Solutions. A Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) partner will help you find the right solution and sign and submit the agreement and enrollment.
LSP partners are authorized to sell Microsoft academic edition products via volume licensing to Qualified Education Users. You can find the Qualified Education User definition for your region at www.microsoftvolumelicensing.com/DocumentSearch.aspx?mode=1. To
participate in EES or any of our other academic volume licensing programs, or to obtain current pricing, please contact an LSP. Find a partner at www.mepn.com/MEPN/AEPSearch.aspx.
To learn more about Microsoft Education, visit www.microsoft.com/education.
You can also visit your regional Microsoft Volume Licensing website. To locate your regional Microsoft volume licensing website, go to www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/worldwide.aspx.

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